BS (Data Science) Programme

In the recent past, the data science has been ranked as the fastest growing field globally and has witnessed a tremendous growth. Looking at an increase in the market demand for data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists, the CSIT department has introduced the BS Computer Science program with specialization in Data Science.

This program produces individuals who are able to collect and transform raw data into a useful format, extract useful insights, find hidden patterns, and develop data products which can add value to the businesses. The curriculum for this program is designed to equip students with the cutting-edge skills required to satisfy the global demand for Data Scientist roles and thus build a rewarding career.

The graduates of this program will not only be able to design software by applying mathematical and scientific principles, but will also be equipped with knowledge and skills of data science, ranging from data acquisition, integration, storage,analysis and visualization of data. Students will also learn about data mining, statistical analysis, and machine learning by working collaboratively with academics and businesses, applying practice-based skills to real-life case studies and projects.

List of Courses (For Batch 2023 onwards)

List of Courses (For Batch 2022)