BS (Cyber Security) Programme

In today’s digital world, cyber security has become a critical component of every organization’s sustainability, security and growth strategy. The need for cybersecurity professionals has been growing rapidly,even faster than companies can hire—and that demand is expected to continue. Realizing the rising demand for cyber security professionals, the CSIT department has introduced the BS Computer Science program with specialization in Cyber Security

This program is designed to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity professionals to protect and defend industry, government and military data and networks. This well-planned program takes the student through the rigorous process of becoming the best cyber security professionals to keep organizations absolutely cyber- secure.

The curriculum for this program is designed to cover the core knowledge areas of computer science with foundational cyber security concepts that will enable graduates to succeed in meeting the emerging cyber security challenges. Students will be trained in the arts and skills of cyber security which includes subjects on cryptography, computer security, network security, ethical hacking, secure programming, information security assurance, as well as network penetration and countermeasures..

List of Courses (For Batch 2023 onwards)

List of Courses (For Batch 2022)