The Department of Computer Science & Information technology has always aimed to polish the technical skills and to nurture expertise for its undergraduate students by conducting credible coding competitions for all the CS & IT Programmes. These competitions help our students in keeping up their momentum with other techies around and keep them aware of emerging technologies. Participants would be exposed to strengthening their programming skills and career-changing opportunities by getting themselves involved in coding contests.
Koders Kombat is being organized with the help of Koders Club, an official Computer Science & Information Technology community, with a sensational mission of enticing all the tech-enthusiasts to boost their competence and problem solving skills. Considering the significance of technical backing, it is mandatory for every student to appear in these coding competitions.

Koderz Kombat

 Let the battle begins!

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Competition Plan

The competition will be held after Mid-Term Examination in the computer labs of CSIT department.

  • Competition will be held in two rounds.
  • Round One is a batch-wise competition where teams from each batch will compete for the winner and two runner ups positions.
  • Round One will be held on 9th and 10th of December, 2022.
  • The winners and runner ups from each batch will then be set up in 9 teams of 4 members in each team, one from each batch.
  • In Round Two these 9 teams will be competing for the titles of winners and runner ups. Round Two will be held on 15th of December, 2022.
  • Winners will be awarded prizes, certificates.
  • Winners will be awarded / crowned their titles in the closing ceremony of ICONICS’22 by the chief guests and guests of honor.
  • Possible internship for winners by the sponsors and technical partners Octdaily.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Participation is compulsory for every student.
  • Students should participate in teams. A team can consist of 3 members. Individual participation is not allowed.
  • Contestants cannot bring any notes, textbooks, or any other form of reading material to the contest rooms.
  • Cellphones are not allowed.
  • Contestants in the same team can discuss the problems they are assigned. However, they should do so in a quiet way and without disturbing contestants.
  • Each team will be allowed to use only a single computer and must write and test their programs on that machine.
  • Contestants may choose to write their programs in any of the following languages
    • C/C++/C#
    • Python
    • Java
  • All teams from one batch will be given the same set of problems to solve.
  • Each problem will have a specified point value. The more difficult the problem, the more points a correct solution will receive.
  • Teams must submit the source code and their approach during the brainstorming sessions for each problem.
  • The Contest Committee will tally the scores for each team and publish a complete list.
  • The team with the highest scores will be crowned winners.
  • The Contest Committee's decision in all matters is final.

Faculty Supervisors

Executive Body 2022-23

M. Abdul Rafay
Team Lead

Nashra Ghaffar
Lead Technical

Mehak Hussain
Lead Graphics

Mashad Fatima
Lead EM

Hamza Ahmed Khan
Lead Social Media

Akhlaq Sheikh
Lead Registrations

Round 2 Schedule

Round 1 Schedule and Team Plan