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Research Tea

Dr. Shehnila Zardari, Associate Professor initiated the Computer Science Research Tea on 22nd November, 2018 with aim to hold research related discussions among the faculty throughout the academic year.
Date Scholar Name Topic
17-06-2019 Ms. Maria Andaleeb Siddiqui (Lecturer). A Machine Learning Approach to Speech Emotion Recognition of Normal and Autistic Children.
25-04-2019 Engr. Kashif Mehboob. (Assistant Professor). Block Chain Security and Scalability.
21-03-2019 Mr. Umer Farooq. (Lecturer). Unsupervised Learning of Street Traffic Pattern Anomaly Detection.
26-02-2019 Mr. Waseemullah. (Lecturer). Unsupervised Classification of Videos using Semantic Analysis.
17-01-2019 Dr. Najeed Ahmed Khan. (Associate Professor). Unsupervised Object Detection.
10-01-2019 Mr.Saad Ahmed. (PhD Scholar). Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis Using Social Media Data.
03-01-2019 Dr. Saman Hina. (Associate Professor). Semantic Tagging of Medical Narratives.
29-11-2018 Dr. Muhammad Mubashir Khan. (Associate Professor). Quantum Key Distribution.
22-11-2018 Dr Shehnila Zardari. (Associate Professor). Cloud Adoption: Prioritizing Obstacles and Obstacles Resolution Tactics Using AHP.