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Masters Programme

MS (Computer Science and Information Technology)

After the success of BCIT Programme, to augment this academic level and to improve the quality of IT skills, the Department initiated a Post Graduate Programme, Master of Computer Science & Information Technology (MCIT) in September 2003. The MCIT programme covers most areas of Computer Science, IT, Telecommunication and Management areas accepted as state of art.


MS (Information Security)

The MS Information Security - MS (IS) specialisation will broaden the awareness and expert knowledge with in-depth, practice-oriented technical skills in cyber and information security. It will provide thorough knowledge of system and managerial aspects of information security, so that the student can actively contribute to the prevention, detection and management of security threats, and the development of secured systems. It will also allow students with such ability to be easily identified by the IT industry. There is a great demand of Information Security specialists in Telecom sector and Mobile Service Providers, Television Networks, Internet Service Providers, Banks, large Industrial Units with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) application, Government Agencies, Defence and Military etc.