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Research Areas

The Department has research interest in the following areas:

Computer Vision & Image Processing

Research in this area includes modeling object behavior, human facial and body action, facial synthesis and super resolution, multi modal biometrics, 3D deformable shape, and structure from motion. The work has been widely applied to vehicle and people detection and tracking; behavior screening and anomaly detection in public space CCTV.

Software Engineering

The research is directed towards techniques, methods and processes for development of large complex software intensive systems. Current areas of research include Requirements Engineering, Verification & Validation, Software Process Quality, System Safety, and Software Management. The research results may be applied to a variety of application areas ranging from small-embedded systems to large software applications.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the study of adaptive computational systems that improve their performance with experience. Research in this area focuses primarily on natural language learning, statistical relational learning, transfer learning, and active learning, particularly with application in speech and computer vision domains.

Data Mining

Data mining research focuses on the development of new algorithms, many of which are based on optimization approaches, but also on the development of new tools and applications. The research includes work on semi-structured data and text, as well as stream data. Data mining application in Education and Health domain is under research.

Network & Information Security

Research in this area includes computer security, cryptography and network security. Some of the key research themes are Anonymity, Authenticity, Availability, Digital Rights Management, Identity Management, Information Hiding, Privacy, Cryptanalysis, Computer Security: defenses against malware Reliability, Human Aspects of Security, Watermarking, Steganography and Steganalysis. It also includes quantum cryptography (or Quantum Key Distribution), which is a new trend in information security.

Speech Processing & Recognition

Research in this area is being conducted on developing methods for robust speech recognition, speaker verification and applications of speech processing using machine learning techniques.